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Instant Cash Loans in 1 Hour – Abu Dhabi, Dubai & UAE

Instant Cash Loan in 1 Hour Abu Dhabi

Instant Cash Loans in 1 Hour – Abu Dhabi, Dubai & UAE

Emergencies wait for no one. In the bustling cities of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and across the UAE, the need for quick financial solutions has given rise to instant cash loans. These loans promise financial relief in as little as an hour, revolutionizing how residents manage unforeseen expenses.

How to Get Instant Cash Loans in 1 Hour in Abu Dhabi, Dubai & UAE

The process for obtaining these loans is remarkably straightforward. Applicants can use online platforms or mobile apps, providing minimal documentation such as their Emirates ID. The process is designed for speed and simplicity, ensuring that funds are disbursed promptly to meet urgent needs.

Best Places to Get Instant Loans

1. IOU

  • User-Friendly Interface: IOU stands out for its intuitive app design, making loan applications as straightforward as possible.
  • Quick Disbursement: Known for its rapid processing, IOU ensures funds are quickly transferred post-approval, often within minutes.
  • Business Loan Availability: Unique to IOU, businesses meeting certain criteria can also secure loans, a boon for entrepreneurs in need of quick capital.
  • Minimal Documentation: Unlike traditional loans, IOU requires far less paperwork, expediting the approval process.

2. Emirates NBD

  • Accessible for Varied Incomes: With a minimum salary requirement of AED 5000, Emirates NBD makes loans accessible to a broad segment of the population.
  • Competitive Interest Rates: Offering some of the most attractive rates in the market, ensures affordability.
  • Flexible Repayment: With terms of up to 24 months, borrowers have the flexibility to manage repayments in a way that suits their financial situation.

3. NOW Money

  • Targeted at Low-Income Earners: Specifically designed for lower-income brackets, NOW Money fills a critical gap in the market.
  • Instant Funding: Emphasizing speed, it guarantees that loan amounts are disbursed almost immediately after approval.
  • Simplified Application Process: Streamlining the process to include minimal documentation and a hassle-free online application.

4. CashNow

  • Rapid Personal Loans: Offers a swift personal loan solution, catering to urgent financial needs with loans up to AED 5000.
  • Clear Terms: Transparency in interest and fees helps users understand the full cost of their loan upfront.
  • Flexible Repayment Terms: With up to 6 months for repayment, borrowers have a reasonable timeframe to return the funds without undue pressure.


  • Instant Approval: ADCB shines with its 10-minute approval time, making it one of the fastest services available.
  • Generous Loan Amounts: With loans up to AED 100,000, it caters to a range of financial needs, from minor emergencies to significant expenses.
  • Special Offers: The bonus of 50,000 and a 50% discount on processing fees make ADCB an attractive option for borrowers looking for extra value.

Additional Noteworthy Platforms

  1. Credy Loan: Offers a wide range of loan options including personal, business, and credit card refinancing, ensuring that almost anyone can find a loan product that suits their needs.
  2. HSBC: Known for its reliability and quick loan approval, HSBC’s 12 Month Personal Loan caters to those with a stable income seeking straightforward loan products.
  3. FAB Quick Cash: Allows borrowers to leverage their credit card limit for instant cash loans, providing a unique and flexible lending solution.

Each of these platforms offers distinct advantages tailored to different borrower needs. Whether you’re seeking a small emergency loan, a business infusion, or a larger personal loan, the UAE’s instant loan market has options to explore. Always review the terms, interest rates, and repayment schedules carefully to ensure the loan you choose aligns with your financial capabilities and needs.

Formalities to Fulfill to Get Instant Loan

Applicants need to:

  • Hold a UAE residency with a valid Emirates ID.
  • Show proof of stable income.
  • Complete an application form, usually online.
  • Fulfill the specific lender’s eligibility criteria.

Key Features of Instant Cash Loans

  • Swift Approval: The hallmark of instant cash loans is their rapid processing time, ensuring that financial emergencies are addressed promptly.
  • Simplified Process: By discarding the need for extensive paperwork, these loans offer a hassle-free application experience.
  • Transparency: Applicants are spared from hidden charges, making for a straightforward and honest financial transaction.
  • Accessibility: With services available 24/7, urgent financial needs can be met at any time, from any location.
  • Digital Applications: The option to apply online or through mobile apps has significantly enhanced user convenience, saving valuable time and effort.
  • No Credit Check: This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals with less-than-ideal credit scores, providing a lifeline in times of need.

The Role of Emirate ID in Securing Loans

The Emirate ID plays a crucial role in this streamlined process, acting as the primary document for identity verification, thereby eliminating the need for a plethora of paperwork.

Choosing Between Private Lenders and Banks

While both banks and private lenders offer these instant loans, it’s vital to tread carefully, especially with private entities, to avoid falling prey to fraudulent schemes.

Empowering Financial Independence

These instant loan services are more than just a quick fix; they empower residents with the financial independence to address immediate needs without waiting for lengthy approval processes.


Instant cash loans in 1 Hour across Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and the UAE have become a game-changer for those in urgent need of funds. By offering rapid, convenient, and accessible financial assistance, these loans help residents manage unexpected expenses efficiently and effectively.


1. Where can I borrow money immediately in UAE?

  • Instant loan services like IOU, Emirates NBD, and NOW Money provide immediate borrowing options.

2. How to get an instant loan within an hour?

  • Apply via dedicated loan apps or online platforms with your Emirates ID for quick processing.

3. How can I get instant money urgently?

  • Platforms such as CashNow and ADCB are designed for rapid disbursement of funds.

4. Is CashNow available in UAE?

  • Yes, CashNow operates in the UAE, offering personal loans with instant approval.

5. How to take a small loan in Dubai?

  • Credit card-based options like FAB Quick Cash allow for small, instant loans.

6. How can I get money urgently in Dubai?

  • Services like FinBin Loan and CashU provide quick solutions for urgent financial needs.

How To Take Out A Loan Against Your Property In Dubai

How To Take Out A Loan Against Your Property In Dubai

In the vibrant city of Dubai, where the real estate sector flourishes like the verdant oasis in its desert landscape, property owners have a unique opportunity. They can unlock the financial potential of their real estate investments without selling. This comprehensive guide demystifies the process of taking out a loan against your property in Dubai, offering a beacon of hope for those in need of funds for various purposes.

Unlocking the Value of Your Property

The concept of borrowing against the value of your property isn’t new, but in Dubai’s dynamic market, it offers a wealth of opportunities. Whether you’re eyeing an expansion of your business, looking to fund your child’s education abroad, or facing an unexpected financial need, tapping into your property’s equity can be a prudent strategy.

Key Benefits Explained

  • High Financing Limits: With financing options reaching up to AED 30 million for nationals and AED 15 million for expatriates, property owners have access to significant funds based on the equity of their property.
  • Attractive Profit Rates: Starting from a competitive 3.99% per annum, these loans are designed to be cost-effective for borrowers, ensuring that the financial burden is manageable.
  • Grace Periods for Added Flexibility: Understanding the financial ebbs and flows that borrowers might face, lenders offer up to a six-month optional grace period, providing breathing room before repayments commence.

Who Can Apply? Understanding Eligibility

The door to borrowing against your property is open to a wide array of applicants, including both salaried individuals and self-employed entrepreneurs. However, eligibility criteria such as minimum income thresholds and property location apply, designed to ensure that borrowers can comfortably meet their repayment obligations.

Document Checklist

Preparing your application requires gathering a suite of documents to prove your eligibility and ownership of the property. These include:

  • Identification and residency documents, such as a valid Passport and Emirates ID
  • Proof of income, through a salary certificate or business documents for entrepreneurs
  • Detailed bank statements, typically covering the last three months
  • Comprehensive property documents confirming ownership

Navigating the Loan Application Process

Securing a loan against your property involves a series of steps, from initial application to the final disbursement of funds. Here’s how to navigate this journey:

1. Evaluating Your Financial Standing

First and foremost, assess your financial health. Ensure your income meets the bank’s requirements and consider how the loan’s repayment will fit into your budget. This foresight will prevent potential financial strain down the line.

2. Property Appraisal

The heart of this loan type is your property. Lenders will conduct a thorough appraisal to determine its market value, which then dictates the maximum loan amount you can access. This step underscores the importance of property maintenance and investments, as a well-valued property unlocks greater financial potential.

3. Comparing Lender Offers

Not all loans are created equal. Interest rates, repayment terms, and additional fees can vary significantly between lenders. Take your time to compare offers, ensuring you choose the one that best suits your financial scenario.

4. Understanding the Terms

Once you’ve selected a lender, delve deep into the loan’s terms. Pay particular attention to the interest rate, whether fixed or variable, and the repayment schedule. This understanding will help you plan for the future and ensure the loan serves your needs without undue burden.

5. Completing the Application

With all your documents in hand and a clear understanding of the loan terms, complete your application. This step typically involves a detailed review of your financial situation, property valuation, and any other requirements set by the lender.

Before You Sign: Considerations

Before committing to a loan against your property, consider the long-term implications. Ensure the repayment plan aligns with your financial forecast and consider how changes in the market could affect your property’s value and, by extension, your loan terms.


Taking out a loan against your property in Dubai offers a flexible and effective way to access funds, leveraging one of your most significant investments. With careful planning, a clear understanding of the terms, and a strategic approach to repayment, this financial tool can provide the support you need—be it for personal growth, business expansion, or navigating life’s unexpected challenges. Remember, your property is not just a place to call home but a key to unlocking your financial potential.

How to Invest in Mutual Funds in UAE (Step by Step)

How to Invest in Mutual Funds in UAE

What is a mutual fund? A mutual fund is an investment vehicle that allows investors to pool their money together and invest in stocks, bonds, and other types of assets.

Mutual funds are a great way to invest in the stock market without worrying about picking individual stocks. If you’re looking to invest in the UAE, read on for more information on getting started.

Best Mutual Funds in UAE

UAE has some of the best mutual funds where you can invest your money and expect some good returns. Check out 5 of the best options to consider investing in below.

1.      Dunn Capital Management

Dunn Capital Management was launched in 1974, and they now have over a million dollars that they are managing worldwide.

Dunn Capital Management

The goal of the company is to give the best long-term investment option. The company wants to be a good choice for a wide range of homeowners, so it works for many people.

Dunn Capital trades in currencies such as the Australian dollar, British pound, Canadian dollar, Euro, Japanese yen, Mexican peso, Swiss franc.

The investment portfolio comprises fixed-income securities, equities, energy futures, currency options, metals futures, volatility futures, and agricultural commodities.

2.      Lindsell Train Japanese Equity Fund

Lindsell Train Japanese Equity Fund manages assets of about $1 billion. The top holdings are Milbon, Kao, Nintendo, and Shiseido.

Lindsell Train Japanese Equity Fund

OBIC Business Consultant and many more. The minimum investment amount is $250,000. The fee you will have to pay is 0.65% per year. To start investing with Lindsell, you have to visit their website.

3.      Fidelity Investment

Fidelity Investments was founded in 1946. They work with the principle “take an intelligent risk and don’t follow the crowd.”

Also, they manage about $145 billion of assets. They only deal with long-term objectives.

Fidelity Investment

This fund won the Thomas Reuters Lipper Awards in Canada in 2018. The initial investment you need to get started with them is $500. The top holdings are Apple, Microsoft, Nestle, AstraZeneca, Lowe’s, and Hoya.

4.      Schroder US Mid Cap Fund

Schroders is a multinational asset management firm with offices in 35 countries worldwide, including the Middle East, Europe, Asia, North America, and Africa.

It aims to provide capital growth and income by working. The firm invests at least 80% of its funds in medium-sized firms in the United States. The money management is pretty active.

5.      Fundsmith Equity Fund

Fundsmith Equity Fund invests in global equities with a long-term investment strategy. The funds are managed on a concentrated basis, with 20 to 30 stocks being chosen.

Fundsmith Equity Fund

Fundsmith Equity Fund’s top holdings include Microsoft, PayPal, Facebook, Phillips Morris, and Intuit. Estee Lauder, Loreal, etc.

It’s critical to have a clear image of the firm and how it invests your money before investing in particular mutual funds.

Websites such as Lipper funds, Morningstar, and ValueInvesting.com provide crucial information on firms by taking past performance into account.

Mutual Funds in UAE ADCB

ADCB is a mutual fund in the UAE that offers a wide range of mutual funds from some of the world’s best investment management firms. This company covers many asset classes, countries, sectors, and regions.

Mutual Funds in UAE ADCB

It ensures your portfolio is unique and efficient like you would want it to be. ADCB also covers developed and emerging market fixed income sectors, equity, real estate, commodities, balanced funds, and hedge funds.

All the mutual funds from ADCB in the UAE have approval for promotion by the Securities and Commodities Authority.

Mutual Funds in UAE Returns

Mutual funds returns in UAE tend to range between 12 and 20 percent. This is one of the highest returns in the world, which makes this type of investment popular among many investors.

The return on your investments can be higher if you invest directly with a fund management company. Instead of investing through an intermediary like banks or brokerage companies.

Management fees vary significantly depending on what kind of mutual funds you choose and how much money you want to invest each month/year.

Mutual Funds in India for NRI

NRIs from Canada and the United States have permission to invest in mutual funds in India, as long as they follow FEMA’s restrictions.

However, certain AMCs do not accept mutual fund applications from NRIs in Canada and the United States.

You can start with different types of funds. There are equity funds, debt funds, and hybrid funds. And you have a lot of options for these too. You also need to consider how long you want your money invested when choosing a mutual fund.

Emirates NBD Mutual Funds Review

Emirates NBD offers an open architecture funds platform that allows clients to build well-diversified, worldwide investment portfolios according to their specific risk/return needs.

Top international asset managers handle this money and are selected using a thorough in-house qualitative and quantitative due diligence procedure. The funds are watched ongoing to guarantee that they continue to satisfy our strict internal criteria.

Some of their services include:

  • Client profiling
  • Development of a portfolio
  • Reporting
  • Portfolio review

Emirates NBD Mutual Funds

Emirates NBD was established on October 16th, 2007. They became a public company on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM).

The company has different investment segments such as personal, priority, private, business, and corporate & institutional.

This mutual fund company is available for all UAE residents and international investors who wish to invest with the company and tap into all their services.

Mashreq Bank Mutual Funds

Mashreq bank is a UAE bank that offers people the opportunity to invest in mutual funds. They provide the best solution to help match your risk appetite and investment needs.

The company allows you to spread your finances in different asset classes and industry sectors.

With Mashreq bank mutual funds, you can access over 30 leading international fund houses, you have the option to choose a wide range of passive funds, and they also offer a comprehensive selection on offer.


Investing in mutual funds is a great way to grow your money and achieve your financial goals. The companies we’ve discussed in this post are some of the best options you can find in the UAE. They offer excellent financial investment solutions and lucrative returns on investment. Therefore, consider checking them out today to learn more about how you can start.

Best 0 Interest on Car Loans in UAE

Best 0 Interest on Car Loans in UAE

Embarking on the journey to own a car in the UAE is an exciting venture, filled with various financing options to explore. Among these, 0% interest car loans stand out as an attractive choice for prospective buyers looking to maximize value while minimizing costs. This article delves into the top banks offering these enticing deals, highlighting their features, benefits, and any drawbacks to consider. With the aim of providing a clear roadmap, we guide you through selecting the best financing option for your dream car.

Best 0 Interest on Car Loans in UAE

1. Emirates NBD Bank

  • Exclusive 0% interest on loans for specific car models including New Toyota, Audi, Lamborghini, Volkswagen Passat, and Teramont.
  • Flexible repayment period ranging from 3 to 5 years (36 to 60 months).
  • Attractive interest rates start from 1.99% per annum for other car models.
  • Comprehensive loan packages with additional benefits like free bank accounts and credit cards.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
0% interest for select models, making high-end cars more accessible. Limited to specific brands, which may not suit all buyers.
Additional banking benefits enhance value for customers. Standard rates apply for models not covered under the 0% scheme, potentially higher than alternatives.


The Emirates NBD Bank offers an appealing package for those targeting the specific models eligible for 0% interest, backed by strong banking benefits, making it a solid option for eligible buyers.

2. Emirates Islamic Bank

  • 0% interest car loans with no processing fee, ensuring a cost-effective financing option.
  • Transparent loan structure with no hidden fees, aligning with Shariah principles for ethical financing.
  • Flexible repayment terms up to 5 years, with the possibility of extension to 10 years for greater flexibility.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Zero processing fees and full transparency in loan terms. Eligibility and best rates may require salary transfer, limiting flexibility for some customers.
Extended repayment options cater to a wide range of financial situations.


Emirates Islamic Bank is an exemplary choice for those seeking straightforward, transparent car financing, with the added benefit of Shariah-compliant terms.

3. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

  • Zero-interest loans for car purchases, supporting a wide financial bracket with loans from AED 50,000 to AED 200,000.
  • No processing fees, offering a cost-saving advantage from the start.
  • Loan tenure flexibility, with terms up to 5 years to ease the repayment process.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
No processing fees reduce upfront costs significantly. Limited by loan amount cap, which may not cover all vehicle types or prices.
Beneficial for buyers looking for moderate loan amounts with flexible repayment terms.


For individuals seeking straightforward financing on mid-range vehicles without the burden of extra fees, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank presents a strong option.

4. Al Hilal Bank

  • Speedy and simple loan approval process to get you behind the wheel faster.
  • A clear fee structure with no hidden charges for peace of mind.
  • Flexible loan terms from 1 to 5 years, tailored to your financial situation.
  • No requirement for salary transfer, offering greater flexibility and accessibility.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
No mandatory salary transfer, broadening eligibility for a wider audience. Potential fees for early settlement, which could deter early payoff plans.
Adaptable loan terms and transparent fees cater to diverse needs and budgets.


Al Hilal Bank’s accommodating and straightforward approach makes it an attractive choice for those prioritizing ease and flexibility in their car financing options.

In summary, while the allure of 0% interest car loans is undeniable, the best choice depends on individual needs, the specific car model desired, and the financial terms that work for you. Each of these banks offers unique advantages, from extended repayment periods to additional banking benefits, ensuring that there’s an option out there for every aspiring car owner in the UAE.

Can I Get a Car Loan In UAE Without Down Payment?

Can I Get a Car Loan In UAE Without Down Payment

Embarking on the journey to buy a car in the UAE brings with it a flurry of questions, the most pressing of which might be regarding the initial down payment. Traditionally, a hefty down payment could stand between you and your new car. However, the financial landscape is shifting, making way for more inclusive options. Let’s delve into how you can navigate getting a car loan in the UAE without the burden of a down payment.

Is a Zero Down Payment Car Loan Possible in the UAE?

Yes, securing a car loan without making a down payment is not just a dream in the UAE; it’s a reality for many. While the norm has been to front up to 20% of the car’s value, certain banks and dealers offer enticing deals that either reduce or eliminate this requirement altogether, opening up the road to ownership much wider.

How to Secure a Car Loan Without a Down Payment

The key to unlocking a zero down payment car loan lies in identifying the right financing options and leveraging alternative credit solutions.

Credit Cards and Personal Loans: A Pathway to 100% Financing

  • Credit Cards: With a robust credit score and a solid repayment history, you can use your credit card to cover the down payment. Banks may allow you to convert high-value transactions into manageable monthly installments.
  • Personal Loans: An unsecured personal loan can also serve as a means to cover the initial down payment. It’s crucial to compare various lenders to find the best interest rates and terms that suit your financial situation.

Leading Banks Offering Low to No Down Payment Car Loans

Several banks in the UAE are making car ownership more accessible through low or no down payment loan options. Here’s a closer look at what some of the top banks have to offer:

Bank Interest Rate Minimum Monthly Income Loan Tenure
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank From 1.99% AED 5,000 Up to 60 months
Commercial Bank International Varies AED 5,000 60 months
Emirates National Bank of Dubai Not specified Depends on the applicant Up to 60 months

Strategies for Successful Car Loan Approval

While the possibility of a zero down payment car loan is enticing, approval is contingent upon several factors. Here are some strategies to improve your chances:

  • Enhance Your Credit Score: A higher credit score not only improves your loan approval odds but can also get you better interest rates.
  • Review Your Financial Health: Banks consider your debt-to-income ratio. Ensuring you have a healthy balance can work in your favor.
  • Compare Loan Offers: Don’t settle for the first offer. Shop around to find the best terms and interest rates.

Key Takeaways for Prospective Car Buyers

Before diving into the car loan application process, consider these final takeaways to navigate your journey with more confidence:

  • Exploring a wide range of car loan options can lead to significant savings and more favorable terms.
  • Partial settlements can be a smart move if you’re an existing customer with a good standing.
  • In cases where upfront cash is a hurdle, personal loans offer a viable solution to meet down payment requirements.
  • Always inquire about 100% financing options directly with your bank to understand all available offers.

Conclusion: Steering Towards Your New Car

In the ever-evolving landscape of car financing in the UAE, the dream of owning a car without a hefty initial down payment is increasingly attainable. By carefully considering your financing options, comparing offers from top banks, and understanding the terms and conditions, you can navigate the path to car ownership with ease. Remember, the key to a successful car loan application lies in preparation, research, and selecting the right financial product that aligns with your needs and financial situation.


1. What is the eligibility for a car loan in UAE?

Car Loan Eligibility Requirements
Age 21 to 65 years (for UAE Nationals)
21 to 60 years (for Expatriates)
Monthly Income AED 5,000 or above for salaried individuals
Nationality UAE nationals, Residents with visa permit, and Expatriates
Down Payments 20% of the car invoice cost

2. What is the minimum credit score for an auto loan in UAE?

The minimum credit score required for an auto loan in the UAE ranges between 651 to 900. Scores below 651 categorize applicants as high risk, potentially leading to application rejection.

3. Is it easy to get a car loan in Dubai?

Securing a car loan in Dubai is feasible for both UAE nationals and expatriate residents aged 21 to 65 years with a monthly income of AED 10,000. However, certain banks offer loans to individuals earning as low as AED 3,000 to AED 5,000 per month. Applicants are advised to consult their bank to understand specific eligibility criteria.

Dunia Finance Review

Dunia Finance Review

Dunia Finance LLC was a company based in Dubai, UAE. It changed its name from
Dunia Finance LLC to Deem Finance LLC in 2019. The Company’s principal activity is providing customer-centric financial solutions to its target customer segments.

Here is an overview of some of the essentials about the company.

[wptb id=917]

Financial Position of Company

As per the report of the independent financial auditor Ernst & Young

  •  The Company has incurred a net loss of AED 125,578 thousand during the year ended 31 December 2019.
  • It’s accumulated losses amounted to AED 827,851 thousand which exceeds 50% of its share capital.
  • They state that

“these factors indicate the existence of a material uncertainty that may cast significant doubt on the Company’s ability to continue as a going concern.”

  • The Directors however believe the Company will generate sufficient cash flows from its operations which will enable the Company to meet its financial commitments and liabilities for the foreseeable future. Our report is not qualified in respect of this matter.
  • Read the detailed report here.

Why the change in name?


Img Src: https://deem.io/

The popular opinion is that Dunia Finance LLC due to some of its high-handed practices with customers was gaining a very negative reputation in the market. To reinvent themselves they have changed their name to Deem Finance LLC. They are one and the same company.

Read on to know what are people’s opinions about Dunia Finance LLC!

What do people say about Dunia Finance LLC?

Dubai Finance Review by Employees:

  • The company promotes the overall skill development of its employees.
  • The work culture of the company is also more than satisfactory, as it supports work-life balance and looks after its employees in every situation.
  • The salary and other benefits offered by the company to its employees are also above average.
  • The job security and the career growth provided by the company is though above average but not as satisfactory as its other features.
  • The company provides facilities like soft skill training, international relocations, health insurance, and a great cafeteria as a cherry on top.

Dubai Finance Review by Customers:

  • The has received mixed reviews from its customers.
  • A number of customers have complained of the high-interest rates of 19.99% to 34.5% it charges on its loans. They have also companied of the face of the harassment by them on even a slight delay of any payments, or non-updating of payments made even after months of follow up.
  • However, there is a group of satisfied customers. They praise the company for its relatively simple allocation of loans without any stringent requirements. They are a godsent gift especially as this is one of the customers last resort after being declined by major banks. Minimal paperwork, pleasant and helpful staff make the journey easy for its customers.
  • Read detailed reviews here.

Gender-based Dunia Finance Review

  • The women employees of the company have rated it below average by giving it 2-stars, but they are also happy with the skill development, salary and other benefits that the company offers.
  • Comparatively, male employees are happier than women in the company; they have given it 4-stars and are satisfied with the work culture along with the skill development.

As analyzed, our final stand on Dunia Finance review or Deem Finance Review is that one should use this resort for loans, etc. Only when declined by the banks. It is a company that is satisfactorily good towards its employees but needs to work a little to augment its customer services so that all of its customers remain happy and satisfied by investing their in trust in Dunia Finance LLC.


Other Banks and Financial Companies

Biggest Banks in the UAE
Best Banks in The UAE For Expats

Overview of the Best Banks in Abu Dhabi

Overview of the Best Banks in Abu Dhabi

The United Arab Emirates has established itself as the Middle East’s financial center. It has drawn shareholders and businessmen from all across the world as a result of its attractive and profitable market climate, making the UAE an economic gateway. The Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates regulates and supervises banking institutions in the UAE. There are 23 national banks and 28 international banks in the nation, in addition to the increasingly rising Islamic banks.

Despite the uncertainties and ongoing oil price fluctuations which have diminished investor trust, the banks have continued to expand in respect of earnings and total revenues.

Best Banks in Abu Dhabi

Let us check the Best Banks in Abu Dhabi for your financial needs.

1. First Abu Dhabi Bank

First Abu Dhabi Bank

  • The First Abu Dhabi Bank is the UAE’s biggest equity-based bank, providing customers with a wide range of customized solutions and goods as the best bank in Abu Dhabi.
  • They are more likely to have a customer-friendly banking environment and promote the financial development of their investors.
  • It has a global network of locations all over the world.
  • It provides a variety of personal loans. FAB also offers a personal loan to individuals who are coming to the UAE or looking for work. The rate of interest on a FAB personal loan begins at 1.62 per cent, and a base salary of AED 7K is expected to register.
  • It provides 19 credit cards with a variety of advantages to meet the needs of every consumer.

2. Emirates NBD

Emirates NBD


  • The Emirates NBD’s is a combination of Emirates Bank International (EBI) and the National Bank of Dubai (NBD) since 2007. This is one of the world’s biggest alliance, combining the UAE’s second and fourth biggest banking institutions to create a banking entity with the GCC’s greatest capital structure.
  • It provides 15 credit cards, each of which caters to a different set of customer requirements.
  • It provides six different personal loans, each tailored to a different type of borrower. Personal cash loans, personal loans for self-employed people, personal loans for emigrants, and personal loans for UAE citizens are just a few mentions.

3. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB)

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

  • ADCB is one of the top three banking multinational corporations in the UAE.
  • Abu Dhabi Investment Council, which deals exclusively with the Abu Dhabi administration controls 58 per cent of the company.
  • Treasury, banking, and structuring are all handled by ADCB in Abu Dhabi, making the bank extremely attentive to customer requirements.

4. Emirates Islamic Bank

emirates islamic

  • Emirates Islamic Bank is one of the best banks in the UAE.
  • They offer goods and facilities that are advantageous to both consumers and shareholders and is thus one of the best bank’s in Abu Dhabi.
  • It has nine specific credit cards with various rewards such as rewards points, skywards miles, and restaurant coupons.
  • It provides all banking services based on Islamic values. Many of the goods come with a long list of advantages.

The banking industry in the UAE is growing and contributing dramatically to the country’s growth, as well as providing seamless and exceptional solutions to its clients, by superimposing a huge foothold through world-class operations.

Honorable Mentions

Dunai Finance, while not a full-fledged bank offers certain banking services like loans and credit cards.

Important Things to Consider before Securing a Mortgage in Dubai

mortgages in dubai what to consider

The local mortgage market in Dubai is growing that gives a great opportunity to investors to buy properties in Dubai. Expats need to understand the important aspects of getting a mortgage in Dubai before they take the plunge. It’s a tough decision, but important one if you want to avoid making costly mistakes.  This blog post will present the foreign and local investors with key factors to think about before purchasing a property in Dubai.

Get the Best Mortgage in Dubai with These Tips

1. Be Ready with the Initial Investments

Getting a mortgage can be an expensive endeavor. Some initial fees are necessary to pay for securing a mortgage.

Usually, these fees include transfer fees of 4% and mortgage registration charge of 0.25%. Apart from them, there’s real estate commission of 2%, and 1% loan establishment fees included. Therefore, an investor has to keep 5 to 7% of the total property cost in hand to proceed with the mortgage.

2. Decide Your Mortgage Method in Dubai- Fixed or Variable

There are two ways to secure a mortgage – a fixed rate and a variable rate. Being an investor, you should predominantly decide the mortgage option before transferring the down payment.

In the case of a fixed-rate mortgage, the rate of interest remains the same during the tenure of the mortgage. When it comes to variable-rate mortgages, the rate of interest gets changed periodically according to the Emirates Interbank Offered Rate (EIBOR). An experienced mortgage advisor will help you make the right choice for the mortgage method.

3. Get Your Mortgage in Dubai Pre-Approved

Getting your mortgage amount pre-approved from the bank will help you find the best properties at the defined price. Investors can either get the mortgage directly pre-approved by the bank or through a mortgage advisor. Approval from the bank beforehand showcases that one is eligible for securing mortgages in Dubai

Usually, a down payment of 10% is required as per the sales agreement. Of course, no one wants to get refused by a financial institution at the last minute. So, ensure to apply for pre-approval for mortgages.

4. Keep all the Documents Ready for Speedy Mortgage Proceedings

A lot of paperwork is involved in the mortgage procedure. However, it can vary from bank to bank. The foreign investors should have their copy of their passport, visa, Emirates Identity Proofs. Additionally, a salary certificate from your employer, pay slips, last 6-months bank statements, and recent credit card statements are required for mortgage documentation. A local investor has to show evidence of address, a tenancy agreement, or a DEWA bill.

5. Consider Taking Help from a Mortgage Broker

Seeking professional assistance from a mortgage broker will help you get your mortgage in Dubai without any headache.  They understand the market and your needs well. You can look for mortgage brokers online and hire the one under your budget.

No More Hassles & Extra Costs for Mortgages in Dubai

Dubai is a hotspot for property buyers and investors, but it can be tough to navigate the laws. The above points will help you purchase a new property in Dubai without any hassles and additional costs.

All That You Need To Know For Personal Loan in UAE on 4,000 Salary

All That You Need To Know For Personal Loan in UAE on 4000 Salary

Finding a personal loan in the UAE with a monthly salary of AED 4,000 might seem daunting. This detailed guide sheds light on the process, criteria, and feasible pathways to secure a loan on such a salary.

In the bustling economic landscape of the UAE, securing a personal loan on a salary of AED 4,000 requires a thorough understanding of the banking sector’s norms and practices. This article offers an in-depth look into navigating these waters, ensuring you’re well-informed before making any financial commitments.

Understanding the Application Process

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying

Applying for a personal loan involves a series of steps, beginning with a basic questionnaire provided by the bank. This form is designed to assess your financial stability and capability to repay the loan. Essential details such as age, employment, salary, and personal identification (including visa and passport information) are typically required. Applicants have the option of submitting their application through traditional, in-person methods or via online platforms, each with its unique set of advantages.

Exploring Loan Options on a AED 4,000 Salary

Dubai Islamic Bank’s Offering

For individuals earning around AED 4,000, Dubai Islamic Bank provides a tailored loan option for employees of listed companies. This opportunity can be a lifeline for covering monthly expenses or addressing immediate financial needs.

Rak Bank’s Solution

Rak Bank steps in with a specialized loan for UAE Nationals, initiating at a salary threshold of AED 3,000. This package includes competitive interest rates and a loan amount that can reach up to 20 times your salary, coupled with the convenience of consolidating existing loans for easier management.

Detailed Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility for obtaining a personal loan in the UAE extends beyond just monthly income. Applicants must be at least 21 years old, possess valid UAE identification, and have a stable job. While many banks highlight services for those earning AED 4,000, a closer inspection often reveals a minimum salary requirement of AED 5,000 for loan approval.

The Online Application Process

The digital era has simplified the loan application process, with most UAE banks offering online services for this purpose. This method is particularly appealing for its ease and efficiency, allowing applicants to submit personal information and necessary documentation from the comfort of their homes. Once submitted, the bank initiates a verification process, leading to the approval phase, which is communicated via notification or call.

Navigating the Misconception of AED 4,000 Salary Loans

Despite advertisements suggesting the availability of loans for salaries as low as AED 4,000, the reality is often different. The benchmark for eligibility generally starts at AED 5,000, making it crucial for prospective borrowers to verify this information directly with the banks.

Alternative Financing Options

For those not meeting the conventional salary requirements, exploring alternative financing routes can be beneficial. This includes seeking out banks that offer loan products tailored to lower-income groups or leveraging loan options designed explicitly for UAE Nationals, which may feature more lenient salary criteria.

Key Considerations Before Applying

Assess Your Financial Health

Before embarking on the loan application process, it’s vital to conduct a thorough assessment of your financial health. This includes understanding your credit score, current liabilities, and the feasibility of meeting monthly repayment obligations without straining your budget.

Explore Various Banks and Loan Products

With a myriad of banking institutions and loan products available in the UAE, dedicating time to research and compare options is essential. Look for loans that offer competitive interest rates, flexible repayment terms, and minimal processing fees.


While securing a personal loan on a AED 4,000 salary in the UAE presents its set of challenges, it is not insurmountable. With the right preparation, understanding of eligibility criteria, and exploration of available options, you can find a loan product that suits your financial needs. Remember, thorough research and a clear understanding of your financial capabilities are key to successfully navigating the personal loan application process in the UAE.


1. What is the minimum salary required for a personal loan in the UAE?

The minimum salary requirement for obtaining a personal loan in the UAE starts from AED 3,000. Applicants can enjoy a loan tenure of up to 48 months, with the application process being quick and efficient. Essential requirements include a copy of the passport, along with a residence visa for expatriates.

2. Is 4,000 AED a good salary in Dubai?

In Dubai, the salary range varies widely, with the average monthly income ranging from 4,810 AED (approximately 1,310 USD) to 99,000 AED (approximately 26,956 USD). Therefore, while AED 4,000 is on the lower end of the spectrum, it is considered a starting salary for many roles.

3. What is the minimum salary required for a personal loan in the UAE?

As mentioned earlier, the minimum salary needed to secure a personal loan in the UAE is AED 3,000. This allows for a flexible loan tenure of up to 48 months. The application process is designed to be straightforward and efficient, requiring a copy of your passport and a valid residence visa for expatriates.


Investment Companies in Dubai

investment companies in dubai

Investing in investment companies is a smart way of watching your money grow. Notwithstanding the fact, one needs to be careful and analyze the market trends before putting in the hard-earned money.

Even though not everyone has access to large private banks in Dubai, and other large Dubai financial companies, you can still take advantage of the options offered by investment companies.

Best Investment Companies in Dubai

Let us have a look at the list of Investment Companies in Dubai, which has maintained its ranking amongst the best of companies to watch your money grow.


Established in the year 2005, the company ranks amongst the finest investment companies in town.  The services offered include:

  • Corporate Advisory
  • Investment Management
  • Direct Investments


A 1998 venture, the company deals with offering financial solutions for investments and the services offered are:

  • Asset Management
  • Securities Brokerage
  • Investment & Advisory
  • Wealth Management


Founded in the year 1976, Emirates Financial Services is one of the oldest financial service providers in Dubai. The bank provides the services of:

  • Fixed Deposit
  • Bank Guarantee
  • Retirement Planning
  • Bonds and Mutual Funds

Types of Investment Companies

Understanding the type of company is an important homework that one needs to accomplish before investing. Investment companies are divided into three broad categories, namely

1. Closed-Ended Fund

It is a portfolio comprising pooled assets that raises a pre-determined amount of funds via initial public offering(IPO), followed by enlisting shares for trading.

2. Open-Ended Fund

Also known as Mutual Funds, this incorporates a diversified portfolio comprising money pooled from various investors which tends to issue an infinite number of shares.

3. Unit Investment Trust(UIT)

Such investment type offers a fixed portfolio, mostly of bonds and stocks, as redeemable units to investors for a specified timespan.

A bunch of benefits await when one invests via investment companies and so do a few risks. Let us look at the risks and benefits of investing.

Reasons for investing in Investment Companies in Dubai

One should definitely consider investing via investment companies for the following reasons:

  • One prefers a wide range of investments handled by professionals.
  • Intends to spread risks, allowing one to have a diversified portfolio.
  • One considers investing with a small amount of money, intended for savings and investments.
  • Looking for substantial growth in the invested amount over the long term.

Risks of investing in Investment Companies

But as lucrative as these perks sound, they come along with a bunch of associated risks. The investment companies face this challenge of gearing, which makes the market very uncertain.

Another risk associated is the factor of discount, which indicates that if the discount widens, then the investor might have to suffer a huge loss in the invested value.

Hence one should reconsider investing in these companies if:

  • One isn’t in a state to afford to lose their invested amount.
  • One is seeking a source of guaranteed income.
  • One isn’t ready to see a declining curve for the assets invested in.

In case one feels uncertain regarding the investments, one should always seek the guidance of a personal financial advisor, which again, is something offered by most of the investment companies.

Investing your hard-earned money is a huge decision and where you invest is a question that requires deep analysis and research. Don’t jump in blind just at the promise of huge returns.

How To Get A Cheap Personal Loan In The UAE?


Even with many other credit facilities available in the UAE market, till date personal loans hold the edge over many other credit options. A personal loan not only consolidates any kind of debt but also does not require any collateral to acquire it, making it easy and problem free to utilize.

Top 5 Banks offering the Cheapest Personal Loan in UAE

Here below, is a consolidated list of five banks that provide the cheapest personal loan in uae. 


  • A very low Interest rate of 2.55% for UAE nationals and 3.03% for expats.
  • They offer a reducing rate of 4.79% p.a. for UAE Nationals and 5.69% p.a. for Expats.
  • Loan amount up to AED 4 Million (UAE Nationals) & AED 2 Million (Expats)
  • The Emirates Islamic Bank provides a hassle-free procedure for personal loans to anyone with a minimum salary of AED 10,000 per month with zero insurance fees.
  • They also have an attractive overdraft facility available which provides you with instant cash support up to 2 times your salary. You are free to use the amount as per your convenience via debit card, cheques, online transfers or standing instruction payments.
  • Lowest Interest are offered to persons willing to transfer their salary to the bank.


  • Interest rates start from 6% p.a.
  • They require an assignment of your salary and end of service benefit (gratuity) in favor of ADCB.
  • They promise to process the loan within 3 days of completing the formalities from your end.
  • With a minimal monthly salary of AED 6000, ADCB personal loans provides an array of attractive policies and plans with flexible payment methods and a long repayment period.
  • They also provide services like free ADCB credit cards and free credit life insurance.
  • They also have the overdraft facility of two times the salary available.


  • Citi bank personal loan require a minimum monthly income of AED 10,000.
  • Interest rates are between 6.99% to 15%.
  • They offer loan tenure up to 48 months without any collateral and a minimum need for documentation.


  • The FAB personal loan plans begin at a monthly earning of AED 7000.
  • The minimum interest rate is 2.09%.
  • By providing flexible repayment terms and comprehensive personal life coverage plans, the FAB is one of the largest banks providing cheap personal loans in UAE.


  • Offering exceptional profit rates from 11% to 20%, the Dubai Islamic bank accepts one of the lowest monthly salary criteria of just AED 3000.
  • With up to 120 days of the first installment payment, minimal documentation procedures, and a chaos-free process of plans and policies, the Dubai Islamic bank offers one of the best personal loan plans.

Common Documents Required for most Loans

Most of the loans require the following documents before processing your loan. Some banks may also have some unique requirements.

  1. Completed Loan Application.
  2. Valid Passport and Visa.
  3. Previous 3 months bank statement.
  4. Recent salary certificate.
  5. Salary transfer letter.
  6. Details of existing loans and liabilities.

Above here is just am over view of some of the cheapest personal loans in UAE, providing just a short synopsis of the varied features each bank has to offer in their personal loan programs. We have tried to include as many important features from each bank in a minimalistic way.

Best Best Banks For Personal Loan in UAE with a 5000 Salary

Best Personal Loan in UAE for salary of 5000

There are multiple occasions in life when only savings can’t work, and this is where personal loans can help you fulfill your dreams.

Offered by banks, credit unions, or private lenders for personal purposes, you can repay loans over time. But, the lender’s minimum eligibility criterion differs from one another. So, let’s check out the best providers of personal loan in UAE for 5,000 salary.

Best Loan Providers for 5000 AED salary

[wptb id=774]

This was a glace at the various loan provides. Let us now explore them in details and look at the top features and benefits of choosing them.

1. Finance House Personal Loan

Finance House is one of the best banks where you can avail a high loan amount easily. The benefits of choosing it are:

  • Low rate of interest
  • Flexible repayment tenure
  • Free for life credit card
  • Customizable loan(s)
  • Available to Emiratis as well as expatriates
  • Hassle-free with minimal documentation

Their simple and easy products offer the highest customer satisfaction in the category of personal loan in UAE on 5,000 salary.

2. Deem Finance Personal Loan

Deem Finance is one of the best banks that offers the attractive interest rate with flexible repayment tenure. The perks of reaching out to them are:

  • Quick loan approval
  • Flexible repayment tenure of up to 4 years
  • Minimal paperwork
  • Rate of interest ranging from 15.99% to 34.99%

Deem Credit Life Plus safeguards your loan’s outstanding in unfortunate events of severe illness/death to render sheer comfort and their affordable monthly installment plans give an extra edge.

3. Dubai Islamic Bank Personal Loan

Dubai Islamic Bank’s personal loan comes packed with a wide range of benefits like:

  • High finance amount of AED 4 million for Emiratis and AED 2 million for expatriates
  • Flexible repayment tenure of maximum 48 months
  • Easy and quick approvals
  • No hidden fees/charges

4. Emirates Islamic Bank Personal Finance

Emirates Islamic Bank lets you meet your needs with multiple advantages like:

  • High loan amount of AED 4 million for Emiratis and 2 million for expatriates
  • Only one month’s salary transfer required
  • Low processing fee
  • Shariah-based products
  • Murabaha structure followed
  • Free credit card

It has secured a special place in the category due to its low-profit rate, quick approval process, and flexible repayment procedures.

5. ADCB Simplylife Personal Loan

ADCB Simplylife is one of the best to cherry-pick, their features are:

  • Flexible repayment period of max. 4 years
  • High loan amount of AED 500,000
  • No extra fee on early settlement of loans(s)
  • Quick approvals
  • No collateral or a guarantor needed

Always remember that apart from the salary that a person is drawing, there are numerous other factors that will help you in securing a loan. You should always ensure that you have a good credit score. Also, all your previous loans etc. should be paid off completely before you are seeking a new loan. You must have a good reputation and a stable job with at least 3 to 6 months of work at the present company.

This article highlights the important features of the loans, choose the one that suits you best and explore it completely on the respective website or by visiting the bank.

The Minimum Salary in Dubai in Various Industries

Salary in Dubai in Various Industries

Dubai has been an attraction and a dream place for people who want to increase their bank balance. Various industries are offering different salary ranges. The minimum salary in Dubai is sufficient for a single person to maintain an average standard of living.

When we talk of a particular minimum salary in Dubai then it can be approximately 4810 AED per month. Dubai is a hub of industries and different types of industries in Dubai pay different salaries.

Minimum Salary Scale 

It is important to also note that there is no prescribed minimum salary in Dubai. The government has no regulation in place for deciding any minimum salary in any industry. However some governments have their own minimum salary scale to protect their citizens like India.

1. Hospitality industry:

The salary structure varies for different work profiles:

  • The salary of a Hotel General Manager in Dubai can range from AED 15000 to over AED 30000 per month.
  • A corporate executive chef can draw a salary between 20000 AED to 30000 AED per month.

2. Construction industry:

An individual working in the construction industry in Dubai earns about 12,300 AED per month.

3. Media industry:

A person associated with media, broadcasting, and entertainment in Dubai earns around 19,700 AED per month. The highest-paid salary in this industry is 39,100 AED.

4. IT industry:

When talking about the salary scale that the employees are offered in IT industries, they are being paid a reasonable amount of minimum salary. A person working in the IT industry generally draws a salary of 7500 AED per month. This is the minimum average pay for a month which includes accommodation, transportation, and other amenities.

5. Retail industry:

An individual working in the retail industry is able to earn a salary of around 5000 AED per month. Merchandisers earn around 4000 AED per month and a store manager earns around 8000 AED per month.

6. Oil and gas industry:

The oil and gas industry grabs the attention of investors. One who is working in this industry earns around 17,600 AED per month. The highest salary drawn here is 41,600 AED per month leaving the rest between these two limits.

7. Tourism industry:

Dubai is a very elegant city where the tourism industry is flourishing rapidly. The salary range here is from 4810 AED to 40.800 AED monthly. It includes housing, transport, and other benefits too.

8. Real estate and property:

It is another large-scale and flourishing industry in Dubai where the salary ranges from 8,470 AED to 24,500 AED monthly. This industry has a good scope to absorb many who are interested in this field.

9. Manufacturing industry:

A person working in the factory and manufacturing sector in Dubai earns around 13,100 AED per month on average. The salary range here is 4,370 AED to 34,100 AED per month.

10. Pharmaceutical industry:

An individual working in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology earns around 29,200 AED per month. The average salary ranges from 14,100 to 52,400 AED monthly.

Factors affecting Salary

Please keep in mind various factors play a decisive role while deciding the final salary you earn.

  • Number of years of experience in the field.
  • Educational Background and country you have graduated from. Students graduating from universities in America, UK, Australia usually earn a higher salary than others.
  • Salaries for various jobs vary from company to company.
  • Nationality and gender also play an important role.

The minimum salary in Dubai is around 4810 AED per month and the highest is 37,400 AED per month. There are other posts in between these two limits which offer the salary between the mentioned salary structures

Get to know about the Sharjah Islamic Bank Branches

Get to know about the Sharjah Islamic Bank Branches

Sharjah Islamic bank previously known as the National Bank of Sharjah is under Islamic bank in the Emirates of Sharjah in UAE. It provides all types of banking services and has opened numerous bank branches for customer convenience.

In their own words:

“In SIB, our aim is to give you convenient access to your accounts & deposits. We make it effortless for you to stop by any of our branches through our widely spread network of branches & ATM machines; we are one step closer to our customers each day.”

SIB, has two kinds of branches, one is a fully functional branch and other’s are ATM’s merely useful for money withdrawal, deposits, passbook updating or account statements. You can check the complete list of branches on SIB’s website.

For your ease and convenience, we have listed them all as under.

1. Branches

SIB has 34 branches situated across UAE. Out of which 18 are in Sharjah, 5 in Dubai and 3 in Abu Dhabi.

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2. ATM’s

SIB has 101 ATM branches spread across Sharjah alone. Apart from this it also has 21 ATM’s in Dubai, 8 in Abu Dhabi, 3 in Al Dhaid, 4 in Al Ain, 9 on the East Coast and 1 in Ras Al Khaimah. To check the complete list visit their website.

Selected Branches

Here under is a description and specialty services available at some of their well-known branches.

1. Mega Mall Branch

  • This branch is highly committed and offers various avenues for online banking, currency conversion, etc.
  • It manages the accounts very well.
  • It deals in retail banking as well as corporate banking.
  • A wheelchair facility is duly available at the entrance of the branch for its physically disabled customers.

2. Wasit Branch

  • It is a rapidly growing branch giving all types of online banking facilities to its customers.
  • Specialized products and services are modulated as per the customers’ requirements.
  • The accurate and balanced disclosure and provision of all the necessary updated information are done from time to time.
  • The lounge area is big to avoid long queues and crowds at the cash counter.

3. Sharjah Islamic Bank Kalba Branch

  • The bank is committed to providing updated information to its investors and shareholders to keep them intact for a long period.
  • Timely audits are done to maintain transparency.
  • It also provides different types of loans such as personal loans, home loans, etc.
  • It has a qualified staff who has all information at their fingertips.

4. Dibba Al Hisn Branch

  • It believes in holding investors and customers by providing attractive banking offers and deposit schemes.
  • The withdrawal of money is also easy for the customers at any time.
  • Money transfer to the third party is quite simplified owing to smooth transaction policies.
  • It has a vast parking area to accommodate ample vehicles at a time.

5. Fujairah Branch

  • Located in Fujairah, this branch is working with credit union business activities.
  • It offers retail banking, online banking services, and various other attractive offers for its valued customers.
  • The branch has a good ranking due to its customer-oriented services.

6. Sahara Centre Branch

  • This is another flourishing branch providing all types of banking facilities to retain its customers.
  • The primary objective is to remain customer-oriented rather than holding maximum accounts.
  • The interest rate given on the various fixed deposits is beneficial for its customers.

Sharjah Islamic Bank Branches are now reaching heights to gain publicity in the banking sector. It strives hard to provide a high level of service with great efficiency. It has now become a multi-tasker in banking with the help of its diversified branches. The bank has also been awarded the best customer service provider bank as its addresses and solves customer grievances at the earliest.

Personal Loan in UAE 2500 salary – Essentials you need to know

Personal Loan in UAE 2500 salary – Essentials you need to know

Living in the UAE with a salary of AED 2500 can present unique financial challenges, especially when unexpected expenses arise. Traditional personal loans, with their minimum salary requirements, often seem out of reach. However, innovative financial solutions like the FAB Revolving Overdraft Facility provide a beacon of hope for those navigating the complexities of managing finances on a tighter budget. This article delves into the nuances of securing financial support with a salary of AED 2500 in the UAE.

Personal Loan Viability for AED 2500 Salary

The Reality of Personal Loans for Low-Income Earners

For many residing in the UAE, securing a personal loan is a sought-after financial relief to meet various needs, from education fees to medical emergencies. Unfortunately, the stark reality for those earning AED 2500 is the inaccessibility of traditional personal loans due to banks’ stringent minimum salary requirements, typically starting at AED 3000. This situation leaves a significant portion of the population in a financial quandary, seeking alternative solutions.

FAB Revolving Overdraft Facility: A Glimmer of Hope

The First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) offers a unique financial product that caters to the needs of those earning less than the typical minimum salary requirement for personal loans. The FAB Revolving Overdraft Facility is not a personal loan in the traditional sense but serves a similar purpose by providing a credit line directly linked to the salary account. This facility allows eligible individuals to access additional funds up to twice their monthly salary, offering a flexible solution to immediate financial needs.

Understanding the FAB Revolving Overdraft

  • Flexibility: Borrowers can access funds up to AED 2500 or more, depending on their salary, offering a buffer during financial shortfalls.
  • Interest Rates: An interest rate of 3.65% per annum is applied, calculated only on the utilized portion of the overdraft, making it a cost-effective option compared to high-interest loans.
  • Revolving Credit: This facility is revolving, meaning as you repay the borrowed amount, your credit line gets replenished, ready to be used again, offering ongoing financial flexibility.

Eligibility and Application

The eligibility criteria for the FAB Revolving Overdraft Facility are designed to be inclusive, catering to a wider audience. Applicants must be 21 years or older, hold a valid Emirates ID and UAE residence visa, and have a salary account with FAB. Importantly, the minimum salary requirement is set at AED 2000, making it accessible for those earning AED 2500. The application process is straightforward, requiring submission of the necessary documents to FAB for approval.

Strategies for Financial Management on AED 2500 Salary

Budgeting and Saving Tips

Managing finances on a AED 2500 salary requires diligent budgeting and saving strategies. Prioritize essential expenses and track spending to identify areas where you can cut back. Saving even a small amount regularly can create a financial cushion for unexpected expenses, reducing the need to rely on credit.

Exploring Additional Income Streams

Consider part-time work or freelance opportunities to supplement your income. Additional income streams can provide financial stability and reduce the reliance on credit facilities for managing expenses.

FAQs: Navigating Financial Solutions

  • Can I secure a personal loan with a salary of AED 2500? Direct personal loans are typically not available for salaries under AED 3000, but the FAB Revolving Overdraft Facility offers an alternative.
  • What are the charges associated with the FAB Revolving Overdraft? An annual interest rate of 3.65% is applied only on the utilized amount, making it a cost-effective option for emergency funding.
  • How can I apply for the FAB Revolving Overdraft Facility? Applications can be submitted directly to FAB, provided you meet the eligibility criteria and have the necessary documentation, including Emirates ID and salary proof.

Conclusion: A Path Forward for Low-Income Earners

The financial landscape in the UAE poses challenges for those earning AED 2500, particularly when it comes to accessing personal loans. However, the FAB Revolving Overdraft Facility emerges as a viable solution, offering financial flexibility without the stringent requirements of traditional loans. By understanding the available financial products and employing smart financial management strategies, individuals can navigate their financial journey with confidence, even on a limited salary.

Private Money Lenders in Ajman

Private Money Lenders in Ajman

Private money lenders in Ajman have been on the rise with instant loans to cater to people, What should you as someone seeking a loan know about this money-lending practice?

With the increasing prices around the world along with the COVID-19 pandemic, where many people may have reduced salaries or lost their jobs, it is has become difficult to keep up with expenses. Whether it is for buying petty things, paying hospital bills or to fulfill daily needs. While there are formal institutions such as banks that are able to loan out money to people, often such loans are inaccessible to many for various reasons such as the lack of required documents, a long process of getting the loan when required immediately, lack of surety and even physical inaccessibility.

It is in such instances, where private money lenders in Ajman play a vital role in ensuring that the locals have money to meet their needs.

What is private money lending in Ajman and who is it catered to?

  • Private money lenders are not affiliated with formal financial institutions.
  • If one does approach a private money lender in Ajman they can have direct contact with the moneylender and can thus, even have scope for negotiating the period, amount and even the interest rates of the loans.
  • Furthermore, the private money lenders in Ajman are not just available to individuals seeking loans for their personal needs but are also available to people trying to start or expand their business ventures and in need of sizable investment.

How reliable are private money lenders in Ajman?

There are two types of private money lenders.

1. Licensed:

  • Since the private money lenders in Ajman need to be licensed by the Central Bank of UAE, they are legal and hence have some level of accountability.
  • But they have some checks and measures in place like checking some basic documents, basic salary requirements etc.
  • They have a lower rate of interest as compared to the unlicensed moneylender.

2. Unlicensed:

  • There are also numerous money lenders who are not legalized and are often known as Loan Sharks.
  • Such private money lenders may give out loans easily but charge very high-interest rates which often people are unable to pay back even after years of working. These money lenders may even threaten individuals and their families if they fail to pay the initial amount and the interest.

So, no matter how dire your need it is important that you do a thorough research into the person you are borrowing money from. You do not want to get sucked into some mafia circle.

The Nature of Loans provided

  • The private money lenders in Ajman, just like in other areas of the UAE, take up to 3-4 days to render the money to the person taking out the loan, and are a faster means for people in need of urgent money.
  • The paperwork required to avail such loans are moderate.
  • Most private money lenders go up to a maximum of AED 100,000.
  • Each licensed private money lender may have different policies for credit check and usually have moderate rates of interest.
  • Furthermore, some of the private money lenders in Ajman can also be found online.
  • However, taking a loan through private money lenders online is a very risky process and must be avoided at all costs.
  • Lastly, private money lenders in Ajman are not the only way people can get loans quickly, people can also get private loans through money lenders in nearby cities in case of urgency.

Final Word

Private money lenders in Ajman have played a huge role in ensuring people have access to money instantly and have helped many who may have been helpless had they not gotten the money when they needed it. However,  although private money lenders in Ajman may seem appealing to many who are in a dire need of money, people must be alert and careful of the people they borrowing money from.

Other private money lenders in the Emirates

Should You Opt for Private Money Lenders in Sharjah
How To Get A Private Loan In Dubai
Private Money Lenders In The UAE

5 Financial Companies in Dubai that Everyone Should Check Out

Financial Companies in Dubai that Everyone Should Check Out

Financial companies in Dubai are growing at a rapid rate. Dubai International Financial Center has acquired 8th position in the top 10 financial centers in the Global Financial Centers Index. The city has been working to establish itself as an international hub with its regional laws, which makes it attractive to foreign investors who want to set up business there without having to worry about costly legal fees from other countries like Britain. As the country continues to grow economically, you can expect that these numbers will continue climbing steadily over time. 

We have rolled out 5 financial companies in Dubai that are making a big difference to an investor’s life with their out-of-the-box financial services. 

Top 5 Financial companies in Dubai

1. Dubai Investments

  • Dubai Investments PJSC is a chief investment company in Dubai with 25 years of experience.
  • This world-class company has more than 19,800 shareholders.
  • It majorly invests in profitable businesses due to which it enjoys exponential growth in several sectors including healthcare, education, real estate, and manufacturing.
  • Dubai Investments PJSC is setting a milestone of sustainable growth for other investment organizations in Dubai. Investors can discover some of the best investments with Dubai Investments. 

2. Emirates Investments Bank

  • The Emirates Investments Bank is a large investment firm that provides services to individuals and corporations.
  • Founded in 1976, the company has come a long way and today it’s a renowned name in the global finance market.
  • In the year 2005, Emirates Investments Bank secured a position in the Dubai Financial Market. Investors and individuals can look up to this company for daily banking, wealth planning, asset management, lending, and trading & execution services. 

3. AIX Investment Group

  • AIX Investments Group is a celebrated global financial institution with more than 35 of experience in the domain of investment advisory. 
  • With an interesting portfolio of Forex, Digital Assets, and Commodities, the company stands strong on the financial grounds.
  • This company aims to multiply the capital of the investors so they can enjoy financial security. 

4. Levant Capital

  • Levant Capital is a Dubai-based independent investment company that has been operating since 2006.
  • It primarily invests in buyouts and growth equity shares while it also considers early-stage firms and structured debt instruments.
  • Above all else, Levant Capital Investment Company strives to make investments that will provide lasting benefits for its investors while striving to be socially responsible and environmentally conscious at every step of the way.

5. AES International

  • AES International is a financial firm in Dubai.
  • Incepted in 2004, the company has helped thousands of people create a life that they wanted with efficient financial planning and management.
  • It specializes in fiduciary advice, wealth advice, retirement planning, and corporate health insurance. 

In addition to the companies mentioned above, check out our list of the best private banks in Dubai.

Make Your Future Secure with These 5 Finance Companies in Dubai

These are the top 5 financial companies in Dubai that offer truly amazing financial services and assistance to make people and corporate life financially secured. Keep in mind that there are smaller investment companies in Dubai that offer some similar services as well.

Which of these financial institutions will you consider for investment? Let us know in the comments bar. 

What are the Bank Interest Rates in UAE? Things You Need to Know

bank interest rates uae

There are various types of bank interest rates in UAE. It can be tedious job indeed to choose the bank which is offering the most attractive deal. You want the highest interest rates while choosing savings bank account and the lowest possible rate while taking a home loan.

Let us explore the different bank interest rates in UAE.

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Savings Account Interest Rates

  • Savings Accounts generally calculate interest on a daily basis.
  • The interest payments are given on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on the bank policy.
  • We have complied a list of some of the leading banks of UAE, with high-interest rates on savings bank accounts.
  • To know more about any savings scheme follow the link in the table to know more.

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Fixed Deposits

The interest rate on Fixed Deposits depends on numerous factors:

  1. Term of Deposit

    • Interest Rates are typically higher for long term deposits.
    • Deposits made for less than a year will earn lower interest rates.
  2. Amount of Deposit

    • The total amount of deposit made will also help determine the rate of interest.
    • Very low amounts will attract lower interest rates.
  3. Depositor

    • Some category of individuals like senior citizens, bank staff etc. can get some additional advantages.

Check some of the top fixed deposit interest rates and other details here.

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Home Loans

Since a mortgage loan is the biggest loan most people would ever take out, it’s essential to think of all of the factors involved in purchasing a house. Mortgage companies demand interest on the sum they loan to homeowners depending on the purchaser’s credit. You will need bank statements of the last 6 months,  your passport, visa and salary details, etc.

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Please note that the rate of interest is variable and depends on your particular situation. For example, as per the Rakbank bank in UAE, the interest rate for salaried customers is 2.69% and for businesspersons is 3.49%.

Various other conditions like minimum salary, minimum tenure of business, nationality, age etc. will decide the eligibility for loan. The average interest rate on a mortgage loan has gone up and down over the last 40 years. Although buying a home is a wonderful example of a monetary target. It’s essential to perform your homework before taking out a mortgage loan to see if now this is the right decision to make.

Personal Loan

The different bank and financial institutions makes it easy for foreigners and UAE citizens to obtain loans. You will get clearance without any problems if you have all of the necessary documentation and meet the eligibility requirements. The maximum tenure for the repayment of loan is generally 48 months.

Hereunder, is a brief overview of the interest rates the different personal loans in UAE.

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Please Note, that Salary Transfer to the institution from which you are availing the loan is mandatory in some cases while others are more flexible.

Business Loans

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank is one bank amongst others that gives out business loans.

This loan will help the lender with a variety of business requirements, including equipment resources, operating expenses, commercial properties, and much more.

ADCB’s business loan has the following characteristics:

● A loan equivalent to 3.5 million AED is available.
● Period to approve: 7 days
● The fee of 2% for processing
● Interest rate is 17%.
● The repayment term is upto 48 months.

So, you now have an idea about the latest prevailing bank interest rates in UAE.

Tip to get the Best Deal

Whenever you are thinking about investing or taking a loan, the best way is to write an e-mail to various banks with your requirements and position like salary, nationality, etc and enquire about the best rate of interest they can provide.

Should You Opt for Private Money Lenders in Sharjah?

Should You Opt for Private Money Lenders in Sharjah

Private money lending in Sharjah and other states of the Emirates has become a viable option for you to get a personal loan. It does provide you with quick cash even in the absence of good credit, or when you are trying to cut short the time involved in documentation.

But beware, that most involved in the profession of private money lending in Sharjah, are illegal and criminal. Don’t let these “hard cash banks” encash your dire financial situation. Also, before resorting to private money lenders you must exhaust all other available avenues.

Why Should You Avoid Borrowing Money from Private Lenders?

  1. The chances of getting trapped while resorting to private money lenders in Sharjah are positive since most of them charge upfront fees even before providing a loan.
  2. Besides, this activity is held punishable by the legislation of the country as well as the state.
  3. High rates of interest are charged by the moneylender just to avoid the legal documentation process that appears an unnecessary wastage of time to you.
  4. The loan tenure is shorter than that provided by banks increases your repayment burden if you fail to meet the deadlines.
  5. If you don’t choose the right money lender you might end facing threats for your untimely repayment.
  6. Your confidential details including passport information are extracted by the private loan providers.
  7. These loan sharks force you to commit unfavorable acts and also retain your passport to restrict you from fleeing without having cleared the repayment.

What is the Apparent Advantage of Turning to a Private Money Lender?

You need not fulfill the essential qualifications otherwise demanded by banks for the approval of your loan. If you prefer a loan from the bank, check out these banks in Sharjah.

Private money lenders in Sharjah and other parts of UAE don’t demand proof of your nationality, monthly salary, or age, which brings the documentation work to a bare minimum. On the other hand, the scope for legal troubles in near future maximizes.

Is there an Alternative to

Private Money Lending?

  • Your Employer or close relative is a much safer option for clearing your debts within the suggested time, and that too without resorting to illegal means.
  • Or, you may sell any of your previous assets to get instant cash for your present requirement of a sizeable sum.
  • These days you have the facility of online crow funding that makes it easier to accumulate the required amount of money through small debts from people whose social and economic background you are aware of.

Not many of the private loan providers in Sharjah or UAE are recognized by the government to offer you money in alignment with the state laws.

Most of the professional private money lenders are cheapskates that try to accumulate money through your loan repayments by dishonest means.

Therefore, it is necessary to plan your savings before you decide to start a venture or buy a home. As they say, money is sweeter than honey but it can transform your life into a tormenting nightmare if you land in huge debt due to reckless borrowing in an illegal manner.

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Personal Loan in UAE with 3000 Salary a Month!

Personal Loan in UAE with 3000 Salary a Month

When it comes to managing finances in the UAE, personal loans often emerge as a beacon of hope, especially for those unexpected expenses that life tends to throw our way. But, what happens when your monthly salary is AED 3,000? Can you still dream of obtaining a personal loan to meet your personal expenses, be it for education, marriage, or an unforeseen emergency? Let’s delve deeper into this query, armed with insights and guidelines based on the current financial norms in the UAE.

Is a Personal Loan Possible on a AED 3,000 Salary?

The question of securing a personal loan on a salary of AED 3,000 in the UAE is one that many residents ponder. The answer, however, is not as straightforward as many would hope. Certain banks have stepped up, recognizing the financial assistance needs of lower-income individuals.

Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB): A Beacon of Hope

Dubai Islamic Bank, a leader in Islamic banking, offers Sharia-compliant personal finance solutions for those earning as low as AED 3,000. Here’s how DIB stands out:

DIB Personal Finance Features:

  • Loan Amount: Up to AED 4 million for UAE Nationals and AED 2 million for expatriates.
  • Profit Rates: Range from 5.99% to 21.99% per annum (reducing).
  • Deferment Options: First installment delay up to 120 days for UAE Nationals and 90 days for expatriates.
  • Minimum Salary Requirement: Starts from AED 3,000.
  • Loan Tenure: Up to 48 months.
  • The application process is quick and efficient.

Requirements for DIB Personal Finance:

  • Passport copy (with residence visa for expatriates).
  • Emirates ID copy.
  • Salary and End of Service Benefit Transfer Letter/Certificate from the employer.
  • Bank statement of account for the last 3 to 6 months.
  • Valid trade license copy (for self-employed).

Al Islami Personal Finance:

DIB’s Al Islami Personal Finance caters to various financial needs, offering:

  • High finance approvals with minimal documentation.
  • Maximum finance amount of AED 4 million for UAE Nationals and AED 2 million for expatriates.
  • Installment postponement options through DIB alt phone banking.

How to Apply for a DIB Loan with a 3000 Salary:

  1. Visit the DIB website or mobile app.
  2. Existing customers can apply through ALT MOBILE or ALT ONLINE.
  3. New to DIB? Fill in the application form with your personal and employment details.
  4. Submit the application and wait for DIB to contact you for further steps.

RAKBANK: Expanding the Horizon for UAE Nationals

RAKBANK offers personal loans to UAE nationals earning AED 3,000, with features including:

  • Loan amounts up to 20 times the salary.
  • Interest rates starting from 4.89% per annum (reducing rate).
  • First installment delay up to 180 days.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Exclusive to UAE nationals with a minimum monthly salary of AED 3,000.
  • Minimum of 3 months in the current job.
  • Employer must be among RAKBANK’s approved list of companies.

How to Apply for RAKBANK Personal Loan:

  1. Navigate to RAKBANK’s loan request callback page.
  2. Enter your personal and salary details.
  3. Submit the form and await a call from a loan representative.

Both Dubai Islamic Bank and RAKBANK have paved the way for individuals with a salary of AED 3,000 to access personal loans, demonstrating that financial support is within reach. By meeting the specific requirements and following the application process, obtaining a personal loan is indeed possible.

Final Thoughts

The journey to securing a personal loan in the UAE on a salary of AED 3,000 is fraught with challenges. However, by understanding the financial landscape, exploring all available options, and meeting the banks’ eligibility criteria, it is possible to navigate this complex terrain. It’s crucial for potential borrowers to arm themselves with the right information and approach the right financial institutions that align with their earnings and needs.


1. What is the minimum salary for a loan in UAE?

The minimum salary requirement for obtaining a loan in the UAE starts from AED 3,000. Applicants can enjoy loan tenures of up to 48 months, with the application process being notably quick and efficient. Requirements: A copy of the Passport is needed, along with a residence visa for expatriates.

2. Who is eligible for a personal loan in Dubai?

Eligibility for a personal loan in Dubai is determined by several factors. UAE Nationals aged between 21 and 65 years (at the loan’s maturity) or Expatriates aged between 21 and 60 years (at the loan’s maturity) are eligible. Additionally, applicants must be confirmed employees or have a minimum length of service of six months with a CBD approved employer.

3. Can an Indian take a loan in UAE?

Yes, most banks in the UAE offer personal loans to non-residents, including Indian nationals. To qualify for the best personal loans — characterized by longer tenures, higher loan amounts, and lower interest rates — applicants must meet specific eligibility criteria set by the lending institutions.

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