Salary in Dubai in Various Industries

Dubai has been an attraction and a dream place for people who want to increase their bank balance. Various industries are offering different salary ranges. The minimum salary in Dubai is sufficient for a single person to maintain an average standard of living.

When we talk of a particular minimum salary in Dubai then it can be approximately 4810 AED per month. Dubai is a hub of industries and different types of industries in Dubai pay different salaries.

Minimum Salary Scale 

It is important to also note that there is no prescribed minimum salary in Dubai. The government has no regulation in place for deciding any minimum salary in any industry. However some governments have their own minimum salary scale to protect their citizens like India.

1. Hospitality industry:

The salary structure varies for different work profiles:

  • The salary of a Hotel General Manager in Dubai can range from AED 15000 to over AED 30000 per month.
  • A corporate executive chef can draw a salary between 20000 AED to 30000 AED per month.

2. Construction industry:

An individual working in the construction industry in Dubai earns about 12,300 AED per month.

3. Media industry:

A person associated with media, broadcasting, and entertainment in Dubai earns around 19,700 AED per month. The highest-paid salary in this industry is 39,100 AED.

4. IT industry:

When talking about the salary scale that the employees are offered in IT industries, they are being paid a reasonable amount of minimum salary. A person working in the IT industry generally draws a salary of 7500 AED per month. This is the minimum average pay for a month which includes accommodation, transportation, and other amenities.

5. Retail industry:

An individual working in the retail industry is able to earn a salary of around 5000 AED per month. Merchandisers earn around 4000 AED per month and a store manager earns around 8000 AED per month.

6. Oil and gas industry:

The oil and gas industry grabs the attention of investors. One who is working in this industry earns around 17,600 AED per month. The highest salary drawn here is 41,600 AED per month leaving the rest between these two limits.

7. Tourism industry:

Dubai is a very elegant city where the tourism industry is flourishing rapidly. The salary range here is from 4810 AED to 40.800 AED monthly. It includes housing, transport, and other benefits too.

8. Real estate and property:

It is another large-scale and flourishing industry in Dubai where the salary ranges from 8,470 AED to 24,500 AED monthly. This industry has a good scope to absorb many who are interested in this field.

9. Manufacturing industry:

A person working in the factory and manufacturing sector in Dubai earns around 13,100 AED per month on average. The salary range here is 4,370 AED to 34,100 AED per month.

10. Pharmaceutical industry:

An individual working in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology earns around 29,200 AED per month. The average salary ranges from 14,100 to 52,400 AED monthly.

Factors affecting Salary

Please keep in mind various factors play a decisive role while deciding the final salary you earn.

  • Number of years of experience in the field.
  • Educational Background and country you have graduated from. Students graduating from universities in America, UK, Australia usually earn a higher salary than others.
  • Salaries for various jobs vary from company to company.
  • Nationality and gender also play an important role.

The minimum salary in Dubai is around 4810 AED per month and the highest is 37,400 AED per month. There are other posts in between these two limits which offer the salary between the mentioned salary structures


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