Dunia Finance Review

Dunia Finance LLC was a company based in Dubai, UAE. It changed its name from
Dunia Finance LLC to Deem Finance LLC in 2019. The Company’s principal activity is providing customer-centric financial solutions to its target customer segments.

Here is an overview of some of the essentials about the company.

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Financial Position of Company

As per the report of the independent financial auditor Ernst & Young

  •  The Company has incurred a net loss of AED 125,578 thousand during the year ended 31 December 2019.
  • It’s accumulated losses amounted to AED 827,851 thousand which exceeds 50% of its share capital.
  • They state that

“these factors indicate the existence of a material uncertainty that may cast significant doubt on the Company’s ability to continue as a going concern.”

  • The Directors however believe the Company will generate sufficient cash flows from its operations which will enable the Company to meet its financial commitments and liabilities for the foreseeable future. Our report is not qualified in respect of this matter.
  • Read the detailed report here.

Why the change in name?


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The popular opinion is that Dunia Finance LLC due to some of its high-handed practices with customers was gaining a very negative reputation in the market. To reinvent themselves they have changed their name to Deem Finance LLC. They are one and the same company.

Read on to know what are people’s opinions about Dunia Finance LLC!

What do people say about Dunia Finance LLC?

Dubai Finance Review by Employees:

  • The company promotes the overall skill development of its employees.
  • The work culture of the company is also more than satisfactory, as it supports work-life balance and looks after its employees in every situation.
  • The salary and other benefits offered by the company to its employees are also above average.
  • The job security and the career growth provided by the company is though above average but not as satisfactory as its other features.
  • The company provides facilities like soft skill training, international relocations, health insurance, and a great cafeteria as a cherry on top.

Dubai Finance Review by Customers:

  • The has received mixed reviews from its customers.
  • A number of customers have complained of the high-interest rates of 19.99% to 34.5% it charges on its loans. They have also companied of the face of the harassment by them on even a slight delay of any payments, or non-updating of payments made even after months of follow up.
  • However, there is a group of satisfied customers. They praise the company for its relatively simple allocation of loans without any stringent requirements. They are a godsent gift especially as this is one of the customers last resort after being declined by major banks. Minimal paperwork, pleasant and helpful staff make the journey easy for its customers.
  • Read detailed reviews here.

Gender-based Dunia Finance Review

  • The women employees of the company have rated it below average by giving it 2-stars, but they are also happy with the skill development, salary and other benefits that the company offers.
  • Comparatively, male employees are happier than women in the company; they have given it 4-stars and are satisfied with the work culture along with the skill development.

As analyzed, our final stand on Dunia Finance review or Deem Finance Review is that one should use this resort for loans, etc. Only when declined by the banks. It is a company that is satisfactorily good towards its employees but needs to work a little to augment its customer services so that all of its customers remain happy and satisfied by investing their in trust in Dunia Finance LLC.


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