Qualifications for Bank Jobs in Dubai

Landing a bank job in Dubai has become a hard nut to crack with the temporary and permanent residents of the UAE being preferred over foreign individuals. It’s not easy to get a bank in Dubai or the other larger banks in the UAE.

Never mind, you have a fine chance to make it with just the right qualification for bank jobs in Dubai. Here, we have unfurled the eligibility criteria for you to hit the nail on the head!

Basic Qualification for Bank Jobs in Dubai.

1. You must possess a suitable Degree

    • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Accountancy, Commerce, Banking or any other relevant field.
    • If you are also holding a Master’s Degree you will have an added edge.
    • Candidates with a degree from USA, Canada, Australia and the UK are preferred over others.

      2. Relevant Work Experience

    • Having a great Work-Experience certificate, from a reputed organization will give you a big boost in the race.
    • Make sure the work-ex is in a related field especially customer relations.
    • Ensure that you have a minimum of 1-year of previous work experience.

      3. Full Knowledge of the Sharia Law

    • The Sharia Law is the supreme law of the UAE and it is thus mandatory for everyone to develop an adequate knowledge about it.
    • The Sharia Law is active in most states of the country including Dubai and also governs other laws including finance.

      4. Full grasp of the regulations and procedures affecting banking and financial services sector

    • Since you want to be a part of the banking sector, it goes without saying that you should know how the banking machine runs and be able to fit in it like a perfect cog.

5. Knowledge of Computers

    • With the advent of mobile banking, Internet banking computers and internet have become an essential part of the banking industry.
    • A suitable candidate must possess al the essential IT skills to qualify for any bank job.

Essential Skill Set that the Ideal Candidate must possess

Apart from the essential qualifications, it is also important to have the persona to suit the banking sector. In fact, the skill set is also very important and might as well be considered as an essential Qualification for Bank Jobs in Dubai.

  1. You should be a master of numbers, accounting, problem-solving etc.
  2. Next, the ability to work long hours under stress and meet deadlines is very important.
  3. You must be quick on your feet and able to make sound decisions instantaneously.
  4. Able to interpret financial information simply.
  5. Being organized, punctual, and dedicated will help you make the cut. Also, focus on improving your interpersonal skills.

Secret Tip

Specialize in the Arabic Language

    • Your Arabic language skills need to be as sharp as your proficiency while conversing in English.
    • Knowing the local language is a unique advantage especially in Dubai where it is highly valued and well rewarded,
    • A firm grip of both these languages will help you cross the hurdles to a successful bank job designation in Dubai.

Worried you might not make the cut!!

Well, if after reading all the qualifications for obtaining a Bank Job in Dubai you fall short.

There just might be another way to enter the banking sector if that is your one true dream. You can start working for the bank at the clerical level. While in the job you can continue to work at your skill set and attain the executive or managerial level jobs.

Explore the jobs at one of Dubai’s top banks and know how varieties of jobs available, upcoming career fairs, openings etc.


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