How to Get a Home Loan in Dubai | 2022

Dubai is considered as a haven for expats who are looking to lead a luxurious lifestyle. If you intend to settle down in Dubai for long, then getting a home will be your basic requirement. The good news is even the expats and foreign residents can procure a property in Dubai. The financial institutions process non-resident mortgage applications both for investment and for having a home for your family.

Well, let’s check how things work for foreign nationals if they intend to get home loans in Dubai: 

Eligibility Criteria

If you are planning to buy a home in Dubai as a non-resident of this state, you can still apply for the same. Generally the nationalized banks in Dubai have the following four conditions to fulfil as a home loan seeker eligibility. 
To get a Home Loan in Dubai, 

  • You should be a resident in Dubai for not less than six months to a year. 
  • The total duration of your employment in UAE should be minimum six months 
  • The business period in the country should be two to three years 
  • A good credit score and lastly, 
  • Your employer should be in the bank list

If you suffice these requirements, you are entitled to get a home loan.

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The Process of getting a Home Loan in Dubai is as follows-

  • You need to check how much money you need to buy a home in Dubai.
  • Then comes the duration of the mortgage along with deciding the interest rate – going for a variable or having the fixed interest rate.
  • The process often takes a few weeks. Thus people opting for the same have to get an advance approval from banks.
  • Once you get a home of your budget, you have a loan under process against the things you want to mortgage as per the bank requirements.

All these are some of the key considerations you need to check for getting a home loan in Dubai.

Applying for a Home Loan 

In order to start the process of your home loan, you are supposed to provide the bank the following documents: 

  • Your personal identification documents, for foreigners it is the passport for the locals, they can produce any other document. 
  • Legal document of your residence in Dubai with your current residential address proof
  • Your creditworthy documents like bank statements, tax, wages proof or your employer letter.
  • The documents that can prove the affordability element of the mortgage.
  • In Dubai the banks would need your debt payments to be not less than 50 percent of your income. Thus in UAE, the banks remain more flexible as compared to the other nations.

Once these documents are ready, you are good to go for lending a home loan for buying a home in this place. 

Home Loans for UAE Nationals 

If you are a local in Dubai, you can enjoy loans the following way: 

  • The locals are offered loans up to AED 15 Million,
  • You get finance up to 85 per cent to the property value 
  • Enjoy the loan tenure up to 25 years 
  • Avail the Pre-approval facility 
  • It is available for salaried and self-employed individuals 

The banks can still have the right to change or amend the requirements 

Home Loans for Expats 

When it comes to getting loans for the expats or foreigners there seems to be some amount of difference, which are enlisted as under: 

  • You get a loan up to AED 15 Million, or 70 times your salary, which one is calculated as the lower 
  • The banks can finance up to 75 per cent of the property value 
  • Loan tenure be up to 25 years 
  • You can enjoy the pre-approval loan facility 
  • It is available only for the self-employed and salaried people. 

Lastly the banks are the sole authority to decide upon the loan conditions, which change from time to time. 

Wrapping Up 

When it comes to getting a home loan in Dubai, it can be a simple affair. However, the banks in UAE have their own standard process, which takes a few weeks to process. The local financial institutions like banks treat both the UAE nationals and expats similar ways provided they are sufficing their requirements. So, if you meet all their requirements, getting a home loan in Dubai is a simple affair.

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