Personal Loan in UAE with 3000 Salary a Month

Emergency expense will never be a bolt from the blue for UAE employees since they are eligible for personal loans even at a meager monthly income of 3000 AED. The borrowing amount fixed by the country’s financial regulation may not be large but it is definitely a boon for those helpless times when you need money more than anything else.

Advantages of Opting for Personal Loan in UAE 3000 Salary

  • Firstly, it is collateral-free loan that doesn’t demand any investment as a guarantee to the money lender.
  • The time taken by the bank to approve your loan application is minimal and thus, doesn’t keep you waiting for financial help to serve your purpose.
  • Money is disbursed at a relatively faster pace and you get the right amount at the right time to cater to your emergency needs.
  • The limit of the borrowing amount extends to a sizeable sum of AED 5 lakhs.
  • As mentioned earlier about the required documents, the application procedure appears to be hassle-free.
  • Eligibility criteria for availing the loan couldn’t be simpler than this and that too, without any major savings.

What Are the Documents that You Need to Keep at Your Disposal?

  1. Salary statement.
  2. ID card issued by UAE authorities.
  3. Copy of your passport showing your visa for residing in UAE.
  4. Statements of your bank account for the previous 3-6 months.
  5. Trade license has to be furnished if you are self-employed.

Banks offering Loans

Here, we provide you an insight into the banks offering personal loans in UAE 3000 salary for easy reference.

1. Dubai Islamic Bank

  • The bank provides a lengthy repayment term of 4 years.
  • It doesn’t demand the transfer of your salary amount.
  • The early settlement fee charged by the bank is only 1% of the loan amount.
  • Flat rate and reduction rate of 6% and 11%, respectively, are reasonable too.
  • This loan is available for purchasing terms in alignment with the Sharia Law.
  • With a low arrangement fee of AED 1050, this personal loan in UAE 3000 salary is the best fit for buying commercial machinery, home appliances, or furniture.


  • With a comparatively lower reducing rate of 3.99%, the personal loan offered by this bank is a fair choice.
  • Salary transfer is a prerequisite but the loan amount offered here serves your prime financial urgencies.
  • Both, the redemption penalty and early settlement fees are charged as 1% of the entire sum of money borrowed.
  • Besides, it provides the access to a top-up loan following the regular payment during the first year of the borrowing term.

3. Arab Bank

  • This bank enables you with a flexible time period to repay your loan.
  • Salary transfer isn’t necessary while the arrangement fee is just AED 1000.
  • Personal loan in UAE 3000 salary can be availed at an affordable 5.99% reducing rate from this bank along with a redemption penalty of 1%.
  • All you need to possess is an ongoing occupation that is at least 3-6 months old while you must be 21 years of age.

As you can see there are numerous options out there if you wish to avail a loan and have a salary of AED 300 in UAE. Thus, you may do away with the prejudice of personal loans being limited to individuals with high income or savings.

What If Your Company Is Not Listed?

To get a personal loan for a non-listed company as an employee with a 3000 AED salary, please read this post as it will provide actionable information and advice.

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