Get to know about the Sharjah Islamic Bank Branches

Sharjah Islamic bank previously known as the National Bank of Sharjah is under Islamic bank in the Emirates of Sharjah in UAE. It provides all types of banking services and has opened numerous bank branches for customer convenience.

In their own words:

“In SIB, our aim is to give you convenient access to your accounts & deposits. We make it effortless for you to stop by any of our branches through our widely spread network of branches & ATM machines; we are one step closer to our customers each day.”

SIB, has two kinds of branches, one is a fully functional branch and other’s are ATM’s merely useful for money withdrawal, deposits, passbook updating or account statements. You can check the complete list of branches on SIB’s website.

For your ease and convenience, we have listed them all as under.

1. Branches

SIB has 34 branches situated across UAE. Out of which 18 are in Sharjah, 5 in Dubai and 3 in Abu Dhabi.

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2. ATM’s

SIB has 101 ATM branches spread across Sharjah alone. Apart from this it also has 21 ATM’s in Dubai, 8 in Abu Dhabi, 3 in Al Dhaid, 4 in Al Ain, 9 on the East Coast and 1 in Ras Al Khaimah. To check the complete list visit their website.

Selected Branches

Here under is a description and specialty services available at some of their well-known branches.

1. Mega Mall Branch

  • This branch is highly committed and offers various avenues for online banking, currency conversion, etc.
  • It manages the accounts very well.
  • It deals in retail banking as well as corporate banking.
  • A wheelchair facility is duly available at the entrance of the branch for its physically disabled customers.

2. Wasit Branch

  • It is a rapidly growing branch giving all types of online banking facilities to its customers.
  • Specialized products and services are modulated as per the customers’ requirements.
  • The accurate and balanced disclosure and provision of all the necessary updated information are done from time to time.
  • The lounge area is big to avoid long queues and crowds at the cash counter.

3. Sharjah Islamic Bank Kalba Branch

  • The bank is committed to providing updated information to its investors and shareholders to keep them intact for a long period.
  • Timely audits are done to maintain transparency.
  • It also provides different types of loans such as personal loans, home loans, etc.
  • It has a qualified staff who has all information at their fingertips.

4. Dibba Al Hisn Branch

  • It believes in holding investors and customers by providing attractive banking offers and deposit schemes.
  • The withdrawal of money is also easy for the customers at any time.
  • Money transfer to the third party is quite simplified owing to smooth transaction policies.
  • It has a vast parking area to accommodate ample vehicles at a time.

5. Fujairah Branch

  • Located in Fujairah, this branch is working with credit union business activities.
  • It offers retail banking, online banking services, and various other attractive offers for its valued customers.
  • The branch has a good ranking due to its customer-oriented services.

6. Sahara Centre Branch

  • This is another flourishing branch providing all types of banking facilities to retain its customers.
  • The primary objective is to remain customer-oriented rather than holding maximum accounts.
  • The interest rate given on the various fixed deposits is beneficial for its customers.

Sharjah Islamic Bank Branches are now reaching heights to gain publicity in the banking sector. It strives hard to provide a high level of service with great efficiency. It has now become a multi-tasker in banking with the help of its diversified branches. The bank has also been awarded the best customer service provider bank as its addresses and solves customer grievances at the earliest.


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