Getting a personal loan in UAE  depends a lot on the eligibility criteria of the loan applicant.  Banks and financial institutions offer loans only to those individuals who fulfill the requirement and meet the eligibility criteria for getting a loan.  You can speed up the application process and reduce the chances of getting rejected by understanding the personal loan eligibility criteria of various banks.  While each bank has its own eligibility criteria and requirement, there are certain things in common among all these banks.

The factors which determine the eligibility of borrowers are –

  • Age
  • Income
  • Credit score
  • Work status
  • Salary

Banks decide whether or not to approve the loan after evaluating these factors.

There are various reasons for the rejection of loan applications.  Among the many reasons why companies refuse to offer loans, the applicant’s employer company not being listed in the bank is a major one. Many small and medium-sized organizations are not listed with banks of Financial Institutions.  If you are an employee of such an organization, getting a personal loan can be difficult.

Having said that, there are still options for getting a personal loan in the UAE without company listing. There are banks and Financial Institutions which provide personal loan to employees of non-listed companies. Some of these have been listed at the bottom of this article.

Many banks have now started following the AECB credit score for determining whether an individual is eligible for a loan. These banks do not take into account the fact that the applicant’s company is listed with them or not. 

What are the eligibility criteria for employees of a non-listed company?

1. Monthly income

One of the crucial factors when it comes to loan approval is the monthly income of the individual. As the applicant’s company is not listed, the minimum income requirement for such an applicant may be higher. This is something that differs from bank to bank. However, in most cases, your income is considered to be a factor that determines your chances of loan approval from these companies.

2. Credit Score

A good credit score simply means that the borrower is trustworthy and financially capable of returning the loan. It is one of the most important factors during the loan application process. Maintaining a good credit score helps in getting a good loan amount and an affordable interest rate. It shows the lender your credibility as a borrower. 

3. Age 

Another important factor that determines your eligibility for loan applications is your age. According to these banks, the applicant’s age should be between 21 years and 60 years.  This age standard is for expatriates in the UAE. For UAE nationals, the upper age limit is 65. If you fulfill this age requirement, you can apply for the loan.

4. Work Experience

Applicants with longer work experience have better chances of getting the loan approved.  Lenders want to make sure that you are financially stable. If you have long term work experience,  you are perceived as someone who can repay the loan on time. Based on this perception, the bank or Finance Company approves your loan.

Which banks in the UAE offer personal loans without company listing?

Two of the most popular banks which offer personal loans without company listing are:

  1. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
  2. Emirates National Bank of Dubai
  3. Mashreq Bank
  4. First Abu Dhabi Bank 

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