Is there anyone who at some point or the other not imagined of starting one’s own business but was held back due to a lack of capital? Well, business in UAE without investment is no more imagination but a dream come true. And, this has been made possible by the tax-free UAE market. There is no industry that the country is bereft of. A few of the available business opportunities which don’t demand any capital money from you. have been discussed here.

These businesses can be started in the UAE with minimal paperwork and little to no investment! Otherwise, you will need to get a UAE loan if you don’t have the money to fund your business. Even though you can get a personal loan in the UAE with a salary as little as $25,000, you may want to stay out of debt.

Types of Businesses you can start even without Investment

1. Pet Sitting

  • Investment: Ability to take care of animals and travel if required.
  • Return: 80 AED/half hour.

With no dearth of pets in UAE residences, you can strike gold with the pet sitting business. The demand for professional sitters is increasing due to the rising need of pet owners to stay out for hours or days as expatriate workers. Your affinity for animals and travelling is the only investment you need to make. The rates for a 30-minute sitting session that includes caring, walking, and feeding the pet is around 80 AED, which assures easy money.

2. Coaching Centre

  • Investment: Subject Matter Mastery.
  • Return: 180 to 250 AED /hour

UAE’s favorable location at the midway of the sprawling Western and Eastern markets makes it a melting pot of business men and their families. The children need tutors to survive in this ever competitive world. From an instrument to any academic subject, anything can be tutored by you and the start requires just your own potential. To begin with, you could open one tutorial class in your own home or even take home tutoring lessons.

3. Wellness Services

  • Investment: Degree or training expertise as dietician, naturopathy, reiki, yoga etc.
  • Return: 150 to 250 AED /hour

What costly setup does it take to provide yoga training amidst the scenic beauty of the wonderful beaches? Or, you may utilize your degree in nutrition to train individuals as personal dieticians to be hired from your company. The busy corporate lifestyle of workers in UAE has heightened the need for buying wellness facilities that you might take advantage of.

4. Consultancy

  • Investment: Mastery in any field like law, finance, education, HR, Social Media etc.
  • Return: 200 to 300 AED /hour

Consultancy is one such business in UAE without investment, which is bound to earn you a fortune instead of having to spend it. If you are brimming with industry-specific ideas or takeaways from your own job experience then give advise to other businesses that need it and carve out your own niche in the market.

5. E-Commerce

  • Investment: Product Knowledge and ability to set up e commerce shop.
  • Return: Unlimited.

Warehouse or office space expenses can totally be ignored to start an e-commerce shop at the desktop PC in your home. The cost of the permit offered by UAE for such start-up platforms is highly reasonable and can be availed with ease. Besides, the e-commerce business realm still remains unexploited in this country, thereby offering you fair chances to flourish in immediate future.

6. Cleaning Service

  • Investment:  Honest, Consistent, Punctual & Discrete
  • Return: 40 to 100 AED/ hour.

The increase in cash-rich lavish homeowners in UAE have given rise to the need to hire cleaning services. Cleaning supplies and adherence to timely delivery of tasks cost a bare minimum to start with. And gradually you may increase the count of overheads using your earnings to emerge as one of the fastest cleaning service brands in the locale or the country.

Business in UAE without investment or just by bearing the minimum equipment and overhead expense at the initial level is possible due to the provision of Free Zone Areas in the country. Choose which business suits you the best or keep exploring till you find you niche. But start now!!


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