We all live a life full of uncertainties. Thus we need to stay prepared for every and any form of problem that comes our way.

This is why health insurance is vital, as you must have it to escape the financial burden if a medical issue demands loads of money or lasts for a long time. 

But which health insurance is good for you and your family? It is indeed hard to decide, considering how many options are there to choose from.

Therefore, we will discuss the cheapest health insurance in Abu Dhabi that give great benefits at a reasonable price.

Cheapest Health Insurance In Abu Dhabi

When it comes to being affordable, there are some insurance companies in Abu Dhabi that you can opt for. Here we present some of them. 

1. Salama Health Insurance

The essential benefits plan or EBF of Salama Health Insurance is for residents with less than AED 4,000 of earnings in a month. This plan benefits you and covers your immediate family members or domestic help. 

2. Orient Health Insurance

Orient has over 40 years of experience providing health insurance to the people of UAE at decent rates. They give the option for individual and group health insurance. 

3. Union Health Insurance

This is one of the most famous insurance companies in all of Abu Dhabi. Anyone earning AED 4,000.00 or less with a visa can apply for their services.

4. AXA Health Insurance

AXA Health Insurance also comes into the picture when discussing the cheapest insurance policies. With them, you get easy access to world-class treatment from more than 3,000 providers from all over UAE. 

5. Sukoon Insurance

The starting annual cost for their insurance policy is only AED 560. Plus, you get emergency services, and they even cover lab tests. 

6. National Health Insurance Company

The annual cost for starting this insurance is AED 615 for domestic help and AED 800 for dependents. It also offers local medical insurance with worldwide benefits. 


1. What is the minimum health insurance coverage in Dubai?

In Dubai, the most basic insurance plan covers up to AED 150,000. The services that get covered include surgeries, diagnoses, etc.

The expenses, however, cannot surpass AED 500 for a single encounter or AED 1,000 for a year. 

2. Which health insurance is approved in UAE for a visa?

The HALA insurance company provides aid during any medical emergency or additional expenses related to it during the period of the Visa of up to AED 150,000.

3. How many types of health insurance are there in UAE?

There are four types of standard health insurance you can select from while staying in UAE. 

  • Basic Health Insurance
  • Comprehensive Health Insurance
  • Shariah Compliant Health Insurance
  • Health Insurance with Direct Access to Hospitals

4. Is health insurance free in UAE?

Both the private and public sectors make up the UAE healthcare system. Hence, even though UAE nationals enjoy free universal healthcare, foreign expats must invest in health insurance.

Wrapping It Up

We hope we could reveal all about the cheapest insurance policies in Abu Dhabi. You can research the insurance companies we have mentioned and select the one you like for yourself and your family. 


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