This article favors you if you are a lady reading this blog. Sorry to all the men out there dreaming of living king-size in UAE by getting married to Emirati women. The bitter truth is a woman cannot pass on her Emirati citizenship in UAE. Sadly women are considered dependent citizens in this country, regardless of their living independently.

How to obtain UAE citizenship by marriage?

1. There are different rules for men and women.

Men and women do not enjoy equal rights in UAE. If you are a man marrying an Emirati woman, you won’t be entitled to UAE citizenship.

A woman can always get Emirati citizenship as a dependant on her husband, provided he is an Emirati citizen. Also, women in UAE cannot pass on their citizenship to anyone since they are considered dependent citizens. Also, please remember that if a man marries an Emirati woman, he won’t be able to get Emirati citizenship due to being married to her, no matter how long his relationship lasts. 

2. Remain married for three years to acquire citizenship

If you choose to marry an Emirati man, you won’t be directly eligible for citizenship until you complete 3 years of marriage with that person. Also, this rule only applies to women who marry an Emirati man.

3. Revoke your original citizenship

Sadly UAE doesn’t consider dual citizenship. Thus, you will have to give up on your country’s citizenship to hold citizenship in UAE successfully. You may contact the embassy or consulate of your country to revoke the citizenship of your country of origin. 


1. Can foreigners marry Emiratis?

If one wishes to marry an Emirati citizen, getting a marriage license from the local court is necessary. Also, the couple must agree to the marriage, and both should practice Islam. Moreover, if one of the partners has recently converted to Islam, it must be confirmed. 

2. Is it hard to get UAE citizenship?

It depends on the willingness of the person trying to get citizenship in the UAE. There could be several ways through which UAE citizenship could be acquired. However, it will always be difficult for men to get citizenship in UAE. 

One method of getting citizenship could be naturalization. This method requires the foreign citizen to live for 30 years or more in the territory of the Emirates. Also, he/she must have a regular source of income and an unblemished reputation. Moreover, they should be fluent in Arabic and voluntarily revoke the citizenship of their country of origin.

3. Does UAE give citizenship to Indians?

Yes, Indians can acquire Emirati citizenship by naturalization, provided they live in the country for 30 years. Also, if a foreign woman chooses to marry an Emirati, she must complete 3 years of marriage to obtain her citizenship. 

4. Is the UAE passport powerful?

As per the Arton capital, the United Arab Emirates passport is the world’s number one due to mobility and freedom from travel restrictions. Though the UAE has blacklisted the below-listed countries in terms of freedom and mobility:

  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Luxembourg.

5. Can Muslims marry non-Muslims in UAE?

The law permits Muslim men to marry non-muslim women. A Muslim woman is not allowed to marry a non-muslim man. If the marriage must take place, the non-muslim man should show his proof of conversion. 


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